LifeCycle™ Technology

Advancing Performance and Sustainability—by Design.

The latest industry-leading innovation designed by Silgan Dispensing, LifeCycle™ Technology is a plastic spring portfolio that enhances recyclability without impacting performance. Unlike conventional dispensers, LifeCycle Technology solutions remove non-recyclable metals and materials, allowing dispensers to be constructed nearly completely from a single polyolefin.

The result is greater compatibility with today’s recycling streams—helping customers meet their goals for both sustainability and performance.

Our Approach

Creating a plastic spring that can replace a metal one but still delivers and exceptional consumer experience is challenging. Our team of engineers and material experts tested hundreds of designs to ensure our LifeCycle Technology is setting the standard for performance and sustainability.

We understand that sustainability is a top expectation when it comes to packaging for brand owners and consumers. That is why we partner with leading plastic recycling organizations such as The Association of Plastics Recyclers, RecyClass and The Institute Cyclos-HTP and follow their guidance in the development of our LifeCycle Technology portfolio.  Every product made with our innovative plastic springs is rigorously tested by an independent third-party lab for recycling compatibility. We then share those results with the organizations to be validated, and if they determine the products meet their criteria, a certification or recognition of recyclability is awarded*.

Learn more about these organizations’ programs:

APR Design® Guide and Recognition Program

RecyClass Design for Recycling Guidelines

The Institute Cyclos-HTP Recycling Lab

We believe LifeCycle Technology has the potential to be used in a variety of dispensing solutions, and we will continue to innovate to reduce the environmental impact of our products. Our goal is to continue to develop future eco-conscious solutions, be a sustainability partner for our customers, and respect the environment.

*Recognition and/or certification is usually for a clear or white plastic dispensing solution (pump, sprayer, etc.). Recyclability can be affected by plastic color, bottle choice and label among other criteria.

Current Products

Pearl® 2

Next-Generation Airless System

  • Superior protection against oxidation, enabling preservative-free, natural ingredients
  • ~95% evacuation rate
  • High compatibility across formulations and viscosities

SP05™ R

Highly Versatile Trigger Sprayer

  • Ergonomic easy-to-use design
  • High-output trigger sprayer in a compact, medium profile
  • Unique aesthetic for shelf differentiation

ReVive™ 2cc Dispenser

True Recyclability by Design 

  • Fully recyclable
  • 100% Polyolefin
  • E-Commerce certified (up to 1.25L)
  • Familiar consumer experience
  • APR and RecyClass certified

Samples available for order:
Certfied recyclable by APR qualified A class by Recyclass
ISTA 6A certified


Intuitive Fragrance Refill Solution

  • Secure, no mess, no spilling
  • Automatic stop when bottle is full
  • Easy and intuitive. Just apply and push down
  • Adaptable to a variety of bottlenecks

Future Launches

ReVive™ 4cc Dispenser

Increased Recyclability with Current Market Performance 

  • Fully recyclable
  • 100% Polyolefin (~92% HDPE)
  • E-Commerce certified (up to 1.18L)
  • Differentiated paper clip
  • Water-integrated design
  • APR and RecyClass certified