Advancing Performance and Sustainability—by Design

The latest industry-leading innovation designed by Silgan Dispensing, LifeCycle™ Technology is a plastic spring portfolio that enhances recyclability without impacting performance.

Unlike conventional dispensers, LifeCycle Technology solutions remove non-recyclable metals and materials, allowing dispensers to be constructed nearly completely from a single polyolefin.

The result is greater compatibility with today’s recycling streams—helping customers meet their goals for both sustainability and performance.

Our products

Pearl® 2

Next-Generation Airless System

  • Superior protection against oxidation, enabling preservative-free, natural ingredients
  • ~95% evacuation rate
  • High compatibility across formulations and viscosities

SP05™ R

Highly Versatile Trigger Sprayer

  • Ergonomic easy-to-use design
  • High-output trigger sprayer in a compact, medium profile
  • Unique aesthetic for shelf differentiation