Expanding Our Portfolio.

Silgan Dispensing is pleased to offer one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of tube and cosmetic rigid packaging solutions for South America . Click here to read more.

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Silgan Dispensing partners with Bondi Sands.

Our Personal Care team partnered with Bondi Sands on its newly launched self-tanning range, Pure. Bondi Sands’ ‘Pure Self Tan Foaming Water’ utilizes Silgan Dispensing’s EZ’R foamer, which features a first-to-market foam application that is 100% recyclable in polypropylene (PP) streams and made entirely from plastic components. Click here to read the full release.

Bondi Sands PURE with EZ R Foamer
Director of Beauty Marketing

Consumer Shift in Attitude Toward Conscious Beauty

As is the case with any trend, consumers’ interest in natural products has shifted in several key ways that brands in this space must recognize. “Natural” alone doesn’t carry the weight it used to, and in some cases, can be more a liability than a differentiator. Fortunately, there are several strategies brands can employ to deliver products aligned with their customers’ needs, specifically those that prioritize safety, transparency and ethical sourcing.