Emballage Digest- Perfume pumps: personalizing the consumer experience

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Refillability and, more broadly, the search for sustainability in the perfumery pump market are two areas major work for suppliers. At the same time, the personalization of the spray is also important for consumers.

The perfumery market experienced a strong rebound in 2021 after a sharp drop in 2020, caused by the start of the health crisis. The outlook for 2022 remains very uncertain: new waves of the coronavirus and macro-economic pressures – mainly due to inflation – could slow the current growth trend.

In 2021, the Silgan Dispensing Systems group experienced double-digit growth for the perfumery division – even better than that of 2019. The reasons are multiple: launches were postponed to 2021, and certain trends – such as sustainable development or e-commerce – create growth. Forecasts for this product category are optimistic. “We have made investments to increase our production capacities and expand our global presence,” reveals Sandy Gregory, Marketing Director of the Perfumery Division of Silgan Dispensing Systems.

According to her, refillability and sustainability are two major trends, which are reflected in the increasingly widespread use of screw-in pumps. “We have been working on this for a long time. The Silgan Dispensing Systems group has acquired a machine simulating a filling line in order to carry out numerous tests on screw-on pumps: this has enabled us to identify areas for improvement and meet customer needs. We have collaborated on many launches – such as Paco Rabanne’s Phantom perfume, or Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Scandal, and more are yet to come,” she says. These pumps (XD11 Pirouette® and Melodie Pirouette®) meet the new Cetie screw-ring standard. “It was important to create this standard.”

A more personalized spray
Spray customization continues to be important. The consumer remains traditionally attached to the gesture of the spray to perfume himself, which differs in its application according to the age, the sex or even the personality of the users. Silgan Dispensing Systems realized this early on when it launched the Emotions of Spray collection ten years ago, and has since expanded it to now offer up to seven spray options. “This range is a success, and it makes sense because the choice of a specific spray for a perfume creates a connection between the brand and the consumer,” she notes. Thus, for example, Melodie Forever or XD11 Panache offer sensual, enveloping, broad sprays, while that of Melodie Agile is more targeted, more precise. Melodie Mystery offers a long and narrow spray; Melodie Extravagant offers the longest mist in the collection, especially for body mists; Melodie Pure is rather recommended for aqueous formulas, which it restores in a very fine spray in order to avoid a wet effect. Each option in the collection is compatible with screw-on pumps.