Cosmetic Business – Foam party: The best dispensers on the market for your foaming products

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Amid the uncertain landscape brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, brands have found this versatility more valuable than ever. As consumers sought to curb the virus by rigorously washing and sanitising their hands, as per government guidance, the worldwide surge in demand for hand sanitisers and cleansers has caused the appetite for foamers to bubble up across the industry.

David Keegan, Global Director of Personal Care Marketing at Silgan Dispensing – which last year acquired Albéa’s Global Dispensing Systems, including its entire portfolio of foamers – tells Cosmetics Business: “Consumers everywhere in the world have demanded more access to hand soap and hand sanitiser, and we’ve responded by delivering for the brand owners in record numbers throughout our worldwide manufacturing network.”

Today, Silgan offers a complete selection of foamers, ranging from small, handheld foamers with sizes from 50-250ml, said to be perfect for on-the-go use, such as the travel-size foamers M3, WRD4 and WRM3, to larger varieties designed for table top applications and greater quantities of products such as hand soap, body wash and hand sanitiser, including the T1, WRT4 and WRT6 models.

The propellant-free foamers are said to be easy to actuate and offer customisation options such as multiple nozzles, caps, foam quality and decorations including silk screen printing and hot stamping to suit a variety of brand and product needs, according to Silgan.

Self-tanning brand Bondi Sands recently selected the company’s EZ’R pack for its Pure Self Tan Foaming Water, which is said to feature a first-to-market foam application that is 100% recyclable.

Composed of 100% plastic and 97% PP material, the pack is said to be made with half the components of traditional foamers while dispensing twice the amount of foam without the use of propellants or the need for priming.

Lara Martínez Alemany, Product Line Manager of EU Personal Care Dispensing at Silgan, commented: “EZ’R is a perfect complement to Bondi Sands’ Pure range in that it provides a sustainable dispensing solution without compromising foam quality.”

Available in two bottle sizes – 100ml and 160ml – it features a flip-top cap with an integrated foaming engine and is suitable for dispensing a wide variety of products including skin care, bath and shower, hair care, children’s care and household skus.