Introducing our PCR solutions

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At Silgan Dispensing, we leverage our expertise to create dispensing solutions that make a difference for our customers, and theirs. With consumers more environmentally conscious than ever before, making a difference means creating dispensers that not only perform flawlessly, but also reduce impact on the environment.

52% of consumers are willing to pay upwards of 10% more for products with sustainable packaging, and 28% are willing to pay up to 30% more*

*Greener Package, “Brand owner, consumer sustainable packaging perceptions diverge,” October 8, 2018

Silgan Dispensing is your partner in solving sustainability challenges through innovative products featuring post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

Our PCR portfolio of dispensers, fine mist sprayers, trigger sprayers and closures use up to 98% PCR while meeting the same stringent requirements for performance as non-PCR options. The Silgan Dispensing PCR portfolio has been developed using one of three types of PCR:

Collected, sorted and processed PR plastics 

Pre-colored Raw PCR
Collected, sorted, cleaned and in-process colored black

“Food-grade” PCR
Raw PCR that has undergone an additional sterilization process to be food-contact eligible, earning a “Letter of Non-Objection” from the FDA

Our expertise in action

Research shows that one in three consumers are more likely to purchase a brand that offers products in sustainable packaging over one that doesn’t.** With Silgan Dispensing’s PCR portfolio, you can build your sustainability story and drive deeper engagement with your customers. Here’s what we bring to the table:

First pump manufacturer

to offer a portfolio of cross-platform solutions with PCR

Wide range

of dispensers, sprayers, triggers and closures using recovered materials

Market-leading solutions

with demonstrated quality, performance and supply—now with PCR

For more information about our PCR portfolio, or to order a sample, contact Silgan Dispensing today.

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**2017 research from the Asia Pulp & Paper Group (APP)