Grow your sustainability story with our PCR portfolio

At Silgan Dispensing, we leverage our expertise to create dispensing solutions that make a difference for our customers, and theirs. With consumers more environmentally conscious than ever before, making a difference means creating dispensers that not only perform flawlessly and differentiate on the shelf, but also reduce impact on the environment.

Silgan Dispensing is your partner in solving sustainability challenges through a broad portfolio of products featuring post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

Our PCR portfolio of locally made dispensers, fine mist sprayers, trigger sprayers and closures use up to 98% PCR while meeting the same stringent requirements for performance as non-PCR options. The Silgan Dispensing PCR portfolio has been developed using one of three types of PCR:

Collected, sorted and processed PR plastics 

Pre-colored Raw PCR
Collected, sorted, cleaned and in-process colored black

“Food-grade” PCR
Raw PCR that has undergone an additional sterilization process to be food-contact eligible, earning a “Letter of Non-Objection” from the FDA

Our expertise in action

With Silgan Dispensing’s PCR portfolio, you can build your sustainability story and drive deeper engagement with your consumers. Here’s what we bring to the table:

Expanding portfolio

of new PCR products, with more than 80 custom color options for select projects and regions*

First pump manufacturer

to offer a portfolio of cross-platform solutions with PCR

Wide range

of dispensers, sprayers, triggers and closures using recovered materials

Local production

with PCR solutions manufactured at regional facilities

Market-leading solutions

with demonstrated quality, performance and supply—now with PCR

For more information about our PCR portfolio, or to order a sample, contact Silgan Dispensing today.

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*Contact your Silgan Dispensing sales representative for information about the latest offerings from our PCR product and color expansion.