The Clean & Sustainable Beauty Agenda, 2021 – Global Cosmetic Industry February

Article from Global Cosmetic Industry.


Mini Products

COVID-19 has changed the shape of beauty retail and, as a result, sampling. Turn to Page 16 to read “Beauty Sampling in a Low-touch World,” outlining brand and supplier strategies for the new normal. Pictured here is Silgan Dispensing’s Mini NEA line, which is available in airless and atmospheric versions that can be used as holiday samples, gift sets, travel sets and in-store testers. The mini products, available in black, white and natural, as well as other colors upon request, are available in 5 ml, 7.5 ml and 10 ml variants and feature Silgan’s Pure Path technology for optimized formula protection and an smooth actuation. Silgan also offers a PCR version of Mini NEA.

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