Silgan Dispensing Systems Presents Amplify with Neopac

Amplify, example of airless pumps for cosmetics

Silgan Dispensing Systems launches Amplify ™, the company’s new hermetic tube sprayer designed in collaboration with Neopac. Amplify ™ has been developed with customers with an active lifestyle in mind who are always on the move. The design of PurePath ™, its hermetic tube sprayer, allows a simple, hygienic and controlled dosing. The fact that it is airtight and that the product does not come into contact with metallic elements guarantees the protection of the integrity of the formula. The specially designed dispenser allows the customer to use the product practically to the last drop, which ensures a drainage rate of 96%. Amplify ™ is not manufactured with metallic elements, so it is a light, ergonomic and cost-effective solution for cosmetic brands that want to offer a tube with spray and achieve a more sophisticated result than with tubes with the traditional hinged lid.

The design of this tube sprayer makes it the perfect packaging solution for a wide range of beauty products.

Amplify ™ tubes are available in volumes of 15 to 50 ml and lengths of 60 to 160 mm, with a standard diameter of 25 mm. It has been designed for coextruded and PE pipes, to cover the different preferences of the brands.

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