Silgan Dispensing Systems Partners with Spectrum Brands for One of a Kind Product QuickFlip™

Silgan Dispensing Systems a globally known supplier of innovative and high-performing pumps and sprayers has recently partnered with Spectrum Brands to create a new custom technology named QuickFlip™. This high-performing, easy-to-use hose end sprayer and bottle gives consumers the control they desire with activation at the flip of a switch.

QuickFlip™ was engineered with the consumer in mind, embodying an ergonomic design and wholesome aesthetic that provides both optimal performance and shelf differentiation within one product. The thoughtfully created sprayer allows for customers to easily activate the product with their thumb while maintaining a tight grip on the container itself and keeping their clothes stain free. This product is a cost-effective solution for home and garden brands looking to provide a better lawn care experience for consumers.

Spectrum Brands, a leading supplier in home and garden products released QuickFlip™ for four of its lines, Cutter®, Spectracide®, Black Flag® and Garden Safe®. Silgan Dispensing Systems and Spectrum Brands’ partnership has proven to be quite successful as QuickFlip™ quickly captured fame taking home the gold medal at the 2017 NRHA Packaging and Merchandising Awards shortly following its release. QuickFlip™ has continued to be successful since then and can be found in a store near you today!