Packaging Today Speaks with Silgan About Innovative Dispensing Solution Pearl® Baby Bear

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Innovative dispensing

One of the key trends that brands are supporting is dual dispensing. The ability to mix two or more formulations together across the cosmetics and more recently food sectors offers brands the opportunity to create unique and personalised products.

The customisation of perfumes for instance is expanding thanks to the available multi-mix dispensing technologies that have become available. Redken (L’Oreal) have been using this technology for several years. Major growth is expected in this sector as more brands move to offer dual dispensing products. A current good example from another company is Double Serum by Clarins that uses one push-button to mix and then dispenses the product. Using a form factor from Aptar, the dispenser is easily handled by the consumer

Another area of growth that brands are embracing is dry product dispensing. From cosmetic powders to hair products, dispensing solutions from developers including Quadpack and Yonwoo are already being adopted by brands who are listening to their customers who want more convenient ways to dispense these products.

The new airless dispensing system from Silgan is another innovation that brands will be embracing. “Pearl Baby Bear delivers on our brand promise to provide our clients and their customers a better dispensing experience,” said David Keegan, director, Beauty and Personal Care Marketing, of Silgan Dispensing. “Our research shows that moms are looking for packaging that’s both functional and fun. Pearl Baby Bear brings together the emotional and functional benefits moms are after. The decorative cap captures baby’s attention, while the airless pump provides the safe, hygienic and effortless experience that’s a must-have for mothers.”

Beiersdorf and its Nivea brand have also recently updated some of their range of deodorants. Developed by Weener Plastics, the new form factors include a new twist-lock spray cap. The design speaks to the need of the product’s users for ease of use, which the new cap dispenser provides.

The changing demands of consumers are also pushing packaging designers and developers to offer not only novel and innovative form factors, but the hands-on use of these forms must also deliver convenience. Dispensing technologies have clearly developed to meet these needs for brands that can see they must transform to remain destination brands in their market sectors.