Silgan’s Airless Packaging Innovation with Neopac

A new airless packaging innovation with beauty and personal care applications was unveiled at the recent ADF&PCD packaging show in Paris.

Silgan teamed up with Neopac in the creation of its new ‘Amplify’ dispensing system: an airless pump on tube design that features a 96% evacuation rate for pumping out product.

Silgan says that this product, along with the rest of Silgan dispensing fragrance and skin care dispensing portfolio, are “focused on helping their customers find a better solution.

in an interview with CosmeticsDesign, Sandy Gregory of Silgan explained that the new solution allows greater usability at an affordable price, with the pump facilitating easy and clean on-the-go applications.

Silgan explains that Amplify was developed with active, on-the-go customers in mind, with its Purepath airless pump-oon tube design allows for easy, hygenic and controlled dosing.

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