Medication Adherence for the Modern COVID World

With one in four patients failing to pick up a prescription, and up to half failing to administer their medication as prescribed, it’s time to explore what can be done to support patient health.

Thomas Grinnan at Silgan Dispensing Systems discussed this topic with PMPS, click here to read the full article.

Vice President, Sales
and Marketing, Healthcare at Silgan
Dispensing Systems.

“According to a survey by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, its members spent roughly $79.6 billion on R&D in 2018 (1). That amount would make it the 70th largest country in terms of GDP. It’s well known that many of the compounds and drugs that make up that figure never go to market. However, even those that do, don’t always achieve their full potential, simply because patients don’t use them as directed. The issue of medication adherence has been long discussed among the healthcare industry. Research shows one in four patients never pick up a prescription, and roughly half fail to take their medication as directed (2). The many health issues plaguing the population certainly can’t be attributed to medication adherence, but its impact, to some degree, is undeniable. Like any widespread issue, the nuances of medication adherence are seemingly endless. However, by examining subsets of this problem, such as vulnerable populations and proven efficacious strategies, there is progress to made. “