Keep an Eye on The Rise of Alcohol-Free Trends in Fragrance and Personal Care

The consumer landscape is evolving, and one trend is gaining attention: alcohol-free formulas. No longer a surprise, consumers are at the forefront of this change, driven by a collective embrace of sustainable products, online shopping habits, a focus on self-care and a growing affinity for clean beauty. The preference for alcohol-free formulas is gaining traction across fragrance and personal care segments with brands exploring natural formulations that exclude sulfates, parabens, and other preservatives.

While alcohol-based formulas have a long history in the fragrance realm, offering benefits like fine atomization and formula preservation, alcohol-free alternatives are gaining ground. These newer formulations cater to consumers seeking natural products, with water or oil-based options reaching a wider market to those with sensitive skin, a history of dry skin, and even babies and children.

Beyond catering to consumer preferences, alcohol-free formulations offer additional advantages around e-commerce. Unlike alcohol-based formulas, they decrease complex barriers for air shipping, making international distribution smoother. The newer natural formulations provide brands with the flexibility to easily export and import, streamlining the journey to retail shelves.

With years of expertise and a wide variety of fragrance and fine mist solutions, Silgan is agile in finding dispensing solutions for our industry partners. We understand that each formula is different and our partnership with brands allows us to identify the best pump for their launch without compromising on the consumer’s experience. With trust from brand owners, we are proud to be the chosen supplier for alcohol and alcohol-free formulations.

“Within the Alcohol-Free Fragrances family, we have different formulations made from different ingredients and techniques of solubilisations. Each time, we have to choose the right pump engine in association with the right spray insert to provide our customers with the best solution.” – Herve Lompech, Silgan Dispensing Innovation & Design Lab Manager, Product Development


Fragrance giant Dior has fully embraced the clean beauty trend, introducing two water-based perfumes alongside their luxurious selection. Making headlines in 2022 with the release of their first-ever water-based fragrance, J’Adore Parfume D’Eau, followed by Baby Dior in 2023. Dior focused on creating a patented alcohol-free formula exclusive to their brand while ensuring a long-lasting scent intensity.

Silgan Dispensing, chosen as the dispensing supplier for multiple products in Dior’s collection, played a crucial role in producing a generous and powerful mist for these alcohol-free formulations. The XD 11® Panache® fragrance pump, with its light and dry enveloping spray, enhances the consumer experience when using an alcohol-free formulation.

Also providing a baby and children’s perfume option is Petit Bateau produced by Yves Rocher. Their Eau Soilogne cologne mist for 0–3-year-olds was designed with sensitive and fragile skin in mind and formulated to minimize allergies. The brand has selected Melodie Forever® to deliver a fine and airy application of this vegan alcohol-free perfume.  You can find XD 11® Panache® and Melodie Forever® in Silgan’s Emotions of Spray Collection alongside 7 other spray options to customize the consumer’s experience. The XD 11® Maximist spray and the standard Melodie® pump from the ESC have also demonstrated a particularly good performance with some alcohol-free formulas that we have tested in our laboratories. These pumps have already been selected for upcoming launches in 2024.

Other industry leaders such as Kenzo have also set a standard for natural products. Kenzo utilizes an aluminum can and Silgan Dispensing’s SP22 Panache® Pulse for their Aqua Water spray, delivering a wave of refreshing notes. When tested against standard pumps Panache Pulse delivers droplets that are 33% lighter and 40% drier creating a longer lasting spray with each application.

From fragrance pumps to fine mist sprayers, Silgan Dispensing can create a customized solution for any brand. Offering an array of spray patterns, pump designs, and solutions for glass, plastic or aluminium bottles, the breadth of our portfolio can provide a unique experience across the globe. As consumer trends continue to steer the personal care and fragrance markets into the future, natural perfume formulations emerge as an innovative force. Meeting key criteria for sustainability, e-commerce compatibility, and versatility, consumers can anticipate a surge in sensitive and alcohol-free formulas in the coming years.