Come Alive Organics LLC Upgrades Soviia Agave Packaging with a Custom Drip-Free Lid from Silgan Dispensing

Article from Thomas Publishing.

Drip-Free Lid

Since no one likes the mess that syrup bottles create when pouring out product, Come Alive Organics sought out a custom lid solution to assure that users of its flagship product, Soviia Agave, did not have the same challenge when enjoying their organic agave syrup.

Effective immediately, Soviia Agave is pleased to announce that the consumer experience for their syrup customers is about to become even more user friendly. After months of testing several different lid alternatives, Come Alive Organics selected Silgan Dispensing as the best solution to replace the old messy lid with a new drip-free lid.

The new lid provides a clean controlled flow whether pouring on pancakes, in tea/coffee, or even into the blender.  Easy to squeeze and easy to manage for both young and old, everyone will now have a cleaner, precise, and more friendly experience with Soviia Agave bottles. No more syrup on the side of the bottle and an immaculate pour all consumers love!

The manufacturer of the lid is Silgan Dispensing Systems, a leading global supplier of highly engineered dispensing closure solutions to major brands. Bob Randall, VP Sales, Dispensing Closures at Silgan Dispensing states: “We listened to the needs of our customers and developed a unique closure with proprietary technology.  Silgan Dispensing is committed to surpassing the expectations of our customers like Soviia Agave.”

Come Alive Organics’ CEO Martin Mottesi adds, “Consumers love the taste of Soviia Agave.  But now more than ever, the packaging matters to a market that demands we consider the complete experience they have with our product.  No one wants to wipe off a bottle after pouring; and now, the bottle can go right back into the cupboard without the sticky feel we get with honey or lesser packages. Better-for-you products and packaging defines who we are.”