BW Confidential Features New Silgan Dispensing Product Mark VII® Max Style in Luxe Pack Monaco Show Review

Silgan Dispensing’s new product, Mark VII® Max Style uses the Mark VII® Max engine, enhanced ergonomics, and spray patterns perfectly suited for the skin to provide an ideal sun care experience. BW Confidential has featured this product in their Luxe Pack Monaco show review stating:

“Silgan Dispensing showed its newest pump, the Mark VII Max Style. Created for sunscreen application, the pump has been designed to cradle the groove of the user’s finger, and features two ribs on the actuator to increase friction for better grip. The pump provides a range of different spray angles and patterns, according to the company.”

BW Confidential also had the opportunity to talk with Vice President of Marketing, John Ferro, at Luxe Pack Monaco about the studies and insights that go into Silgan Dispensing products:

“We did a global consumer study on attitudes to fragrance, around refills and recycling. When we looked at this a few years ago, consumers were not interested – they were thinking about sustainability, but in other parts of their lives. Now, it’s moving into some of the more luxury spaces. A few years ago, consumers thought refills were a bit gimmicky. Attitudes seem to be changing, particularly with millennials.” – Silgan Dispensing Vice President of Marketing John Ferro