Give your patients accuracy down to the drop

Great dispensing solutions should do more than simply contain or release a product—they should also be able to intuitively meet consumer expectations, align with the brand and give it an edge in the marketplace.

When it comes to healthcare dispensing and drug delivery, the stakes are even higher. At Silgan Dispensing, we’ve raised the bar on precision, ease of use and safety through advanced engineering that delivers a better healthcare dispensing experience.

Get an up-close look at Iridya, and see how this breakthrough eyedropper can give your customers a better dispensing experience.


All of this comes together in Iridya™, our breakthrough, preservative-free multidose eye dropper designed for greater accuracy and advanced ergonomics for precise dosing. With Iridya, you get:

Advanced Ergonomics

  • Round squeeze bottle design with low actuation force

  • Elongated tip for greater accuracy in drop administration to the eye

Exceptional Dosing Control

  • Precise dosing, drop by drop

  • Advanced Flow Control for greater drop control

Strong Microbiological Performance

  • Rigorously tested for microbiological safety
  • Innovative mechanical features to protect preservative-free formulations

Exceptional Flexibility

  • Easily adapts to different formulation properties
  • Compatible for low-to-high viscosities
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