Our path to baby product insights in China

The retirement of the one-child policy in China has resulted in a baby boom, with up to 30 million new babies expected over the next five years. This, in turn, has led to double-digit growth for baby products in China. We conducted research in Shanghai and Foshan to identify unmet needs, pain points and benefits that would create a better packaging experience.


40 moms with children from 3 months to 3 years old


Baby Skincare
Baby Toiletries


Digital Diaries
Ethnographies/Shopping Exercise
Focus Groups


Chinese mothers are looking for packaging that’s both functional and fun

To them, a better dispensing experience is one that:


Makes their life easier

Foam consistency is easier to use

Single-handed control so that mom can simultaneously hold baby

2 in 1 product efficacy to shorten bath time


Entertains the kids

Bright, eye-catching color that attract kids’ attention

Character shapes that look like a toy


Protects their products and their children

Lockable features to prevent leakage child-proof package

Clean dispensing that keeps kids mess-free

Smaller package for on-the-go convenience

Airless feature to protect formulation


Maximizes value

Larger sizes for lower purchase frequency

Gets every bit of product out

Can be used by all kids in the family

Looks high-quality

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