Meeting your needs means knowing your world

At Silgan Dispensing, innovation begins with insight. In order to deliver solutions that work for your products, your customers and your business, we dive deep into the world you live in. That means understanding what drives your customers—what they desire and what they expect. We then take that insight and combine it with market trends and gaps and insider knowledge from industry experts, which leads us to innovative solutions that truly make a difference for your business.

Whether we’re developing a trigger sprayer that’s easier to use, a skincare pump with more shelf appeal or a dispensing experience tailored to the distinct preferences of a particular culture, our collaborative approach lets us deliver solutions that work, every time.

Insights in Action

Elevating the senses of premium

To create a skincare solution that would deliver a premium experience to global beauty consumers, we conducted in-depth research to uncover sensory cues that would heighten consumers’ perception of luxury. The end result? Our Lyric™ skincare dispenser.

The perfect touch

Tactile interactions can quickly alter the consumer’s initial impression. A best-in-class design must deliver comfort, cleanliness and control.

The look of luxury

Consumers react positively when an integrated, upscale appearance is presented across all components of premium skincare packaging.

The fully immersive experience

Consumers use three criteria when evaluating a skincare product: optics, haptics and usage.

Creating better experiences for the Chinese baby boom

With the retirement of the one-child policy in China, baby products have grown by double digits. We conducted research in Shanghai and Foshan to identify unmet needs, pain points and benefits that would provide the functional and fun experience that Chinese mothers are looking for. We discovered that for them, packaging needs to:

Make their life easier

Foam consistency easier to use

Single-handed control so that mom can simultaneously hold the baby

2 in 1 product efficacy to shorten bath time

Entertain their children

Bright, eye-catching colors that attract attention

Character shapes that look like a toy

Protect their products and their children

Lockable features to prevent leakage

Clean dispensing that keeps kids mess-free

Smaller package for on-the-go convenience

Airless feature to protect formulation

Maximize value

Larger sizes for lower purchase frequency

Gets every bit of product out

Can be used by all children in the family

Looks high quality

Delivering accuracy down to the drop

For patients administering their ophthalmic medications through a dropper, precision is key. We developed Iridya™ to deliver industry-leading accuracy by making the dispensing experience easier to control. This breakthrough dispenser delivers:

A consumer-friendly design

Familiar squeeze-bottle dropper design

Elongated tip for ease of use and precision

Tamper-evident tear-off strip

Overcap for prolonged use and on-the-go lifestyles

Efficient ergonomics

Low squeeze force

NO-JET™ technology for a clean experience

Controlled application for exact dosing

Proven performance

Compatible with low to high viscosities

Delivery system for both over-the-counter and prescription drugs

Validated sterilisation supply chain for device and bottle

Designed to adapt easily to existing filling lines

Designed and challenge-tested for preservative-free formulations

Metal-free liquid path