Dispenser Customization

Customization—more than a trend

At Silgan Dispensing, we partner with our customers to carve out their unique niche in the marketplace—working side-by-side with them to envision and create compelling, customized fragrance packaging that enhances their brand identity. Backed by the most advanced R&D, laboratories, project management systems, design and in-depth consumer research, we develop high-performance dispensing solutions that bring packaging to life.


Dip tubes

Our revolutionary, patented NoC invisible dip tube conceals the tube, allowing your packaging to shine on its own. Silgan Dispensing also offers a variety of other dip tubes, including customized color-coordinated options to match the personality of your product.

Personalized metal components

Increase your shelf appeal with special anodized and lacquered colors, or decorative techniques like silk screening, laser etching, engraving and embossing. Our quality, reliable metal components can be completely customized for more impactful brand cues.

Safety clips

Enhance product performance with custom safety clips that can be combined with most of our products and are available in almost any color. Together, we can collaborate on the right look and fit your packaging design.

Spray cap extensions

Greater creative freedom is yours with our new customized extensions for spray caps and actuators to pair with our pumps. Our 100% automatic assembly capability guarantees quality of spray. This innovative, flexible solution offers economically feasible developments and fast speed to market.

Customize the spray

Based on consumer insights that prove the importance of the spray to the overall fragrance experience, the Emotions of Spray Collection allows you to tailor the spray to the positioning of your brand.

A custom solution begins now

Silgan Dispensing helps your brand take shape through an extensive line of custom packaging solutions. We understand that packaging aesthetics and attractiveness can drive greater engagement with your customers and improve the brand experience. Allow us to work with you on a custom dispensing solution that takes your brand to new levels.