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Iridya Ensures Precise Dosage, Drop After Drop

accurate and precise eye dropper dispenser by silgan dispensing

If you’ve ever used an eye dropper before, chances are you missed at least one of your eyes completely on the first try or dispensed too much, wasting both money and medication.

You’re not alone.

The vast majority of eye droppers on the market today are designed in a way that makes aiming and dosage control quite difficult.

Part of the challenge is developing an eye dropper that addresses these consumer pain points, while also being preservative free to ensure a safe and pristine solution.

Fortunately, with the launch of our eye dropper, Iridya™ (pronounced Ear-id-ee-ah), these issues soon will be a thing of the past. Iridya improves on existing eye dropper technology by combining advanced ergonomics and precision to ensure proper dosage.

The preservative-free device addresses key consumer pain points and ophthalmologist dosing challenges and works with a specially designed plastic squeeze bottle that appeals in form and function to pharmaceutical companies, doctors and ultimately patients.

Some of Iridya’s notable design features include:

Advanced Ergonomics

Iridya™ features a familiar round squeeze bottle design, but its elongated tip, which is unique to the preservative-free marketplace, ensures greater accuracy in drop administration to the eye. Its low-actuation force and ergonomic grip on the overcap are convenient for patients to use, including seniors. When compared with competitive designs and unit-dose droppers, Iridya’s balanced system is easier to handle and provides patients with greater control when applying their drops.

Exceptional Drop Control

Iridya’s™ technology ensures single doses, drop after drop. Its Advanced Flow Control™ assures the user exceptional drop control for precise dosing, down to the drop.

Strong microbiological safety

Formulations are protected from contamination by an innovative system at the tip and other mechanical features within the device. Iridya’s™ barrier integrity against microbes was verified in several challenge tests conducted by an independent laboratory.

Flexible viscosity adjustment

Iridya’s™ Advanced Flow Control System™ easily adapts to different formulation properties, and its standard configuration is compatible for a range of low- to high-viscosity formulations.

At Silgan Dispensing, we’re committed to delivering the best, most innovative solutions for our customers, so in turn, they can help provide a better product experience to their consumers. For consumers with eye-related issues that require routine use of an eye dropper, the importance of making this aspect of their care regimen as simple and controlled as possible cannot be overstated.


See how Iridya ensures accurate dosing, drop after drop.