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How to meet the demands of an ever-changing, competitive fragrance and personal care market

According to Euromonitor International, Fragrance and Personal Care markets are experiencing steady growth in Europe, representing lucrative opportunities with projected $132 billion (approximately €118 billion) retail sales in all Beauty and Personal Care categories, and $19.5 billion (€17.5 billion) retail sales by 2023 in Fragrance.

This challenging and exciting perspective requires excellence in execution and Silgan Dispensing Systems is committed to support brand owners to meet the demands of a fast moving and competitive market with new product launches being announced daily.

At Silgan Dispensing, we are familiar with the challenges. Every day, we hear from customers about the need for quickly developed packaging and dispensing solutions that are both unique and customizable to satisfy consumers’ needs for “new and better” and to drive loyalty.

True to our brand promise of being partners to our customers, we have therefore developed a solution to meet these challenges head on through our newest offering, XpresService, which incorporates the following advantages:


We know it’s hard to predict market demand for a product or to anticipate when you’ll need to launch something quickly. Our accelerated project development allows for short lead times through backend efficiencies that include versionable molds and quick prototyping with in-house 3D printing.

Customization Agility

Time and cost are often a hurdle for custom designs. Our expansive metal color library features 60 color options for fragrance and, for skincare, 7 options. These tools can substantially accelerate the time it takes to develop projects with custom color anodized aluminum components. Additionally, our in-house laser marking capability makes customizing easy and fast with quick sample request response times and zero investment for tooling.

Low Minimum Order Quantities

Whether you’re an indie brand producing small-batch products, or a big brand running a limited-edition line, we offer the flexibility of low MOQ’s starting at 10,000 units and lead times as low as 2- 4 weeks  for repeat orders of selected products, allowing for maximum flexibility and speed when forecasting is difficult.

Reliable Quality & Support

Fast production and flexible customization don’t mean anything if the end product doesn’t meet your customers’ expectations. You can rely on us for the highest levels of quality and you will be accompanied by our expert team, which can provide design and technical support, as well as our in-house lab facilities which provide responsive service for sampling and testing.

XpresService allows our customers to move as fast as the market demands, providing brands the ability to, stand out on the shelf and be distinctive while enhancing their image and connecting with consumers. Silgan Dispensing Systems will ensure the highest standards of quality and performance. And as always, you can expect best-in-class, personal service from our team every step of the way.

Currently, XpresService is only available in Europe, but we aim to expand the service to other regions. Visit our landing page to learn more.

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XpresService by Silgan Dispensing

* According to recent Euromonitor International data