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Collaboration: the key to package design success

Silgan Dispensing 3D Design Lab

Arguably one of the best qualities in any relationship is collaboration. It allows for shared insights and perspectives to help shape decisions for wider reception. When it comes to a product’s package design, this is especially true. However, bringing a shared vision to life isn’t always a fast process.

When trying to come up with the design for a new cosmetic pump or aerosol dispenser, for example, there can be a seemingly infinite number of combinations between all the pump, cap, bottle and color options. Sure, you can order a sample, but the time it takes to do so can delay deciding on the final product design, ultimately pushing back production. And all too often, the need to start production forces a final decision before the design phase can fully take its course.

Unfortunately, this rushed process doesn’t afford others the opportunity to fully weigh in and contribute. Diversity of opinions and ideas is invaluable across all areas of business – and product design is no different.

This is why we launched the Silgan Dispensing Systems 3D Design Lab – a web-based design tool for our customers to visualize their brand’s aesthetic preferences across our wide range of portfolio options. This gives customers ultimate control, allowing them to ideate with their team and view their creations, in a matter of seconds.

After a short registration process, team members can contribute a product design idea – selecting from all the stock dispenser, cap and spec options available, along with multiple finish and color varieties.

Some of the benefits of the 3D Design Lab:

  • Instantly visualize component configurations for your selected product without the need to order a sample
  • Collaborate and share your designs with colleagues for feedback and approval
  • Match your dispensing needs and brand guidelines with a variety of closure sizes, custom color options and bottle designs

Products currently available on the 3D Design Lab include:



Traditionally, developing product design ideas required some degree of artistic ability to sketch a mockup or draft a computer model. The 3D Design Lab opens up the design process to everyone, allowing for more collaboration and efficiency.

If you would like access to the Silgan Dispensing Systems 3D Design Lab, click here.