The Emotions of Spray Collection


Based on our trusted Melodie®, Maestro® and XD 11® fragrance pumps, we’ve created the Emotions of Spray Collection. Silgan Dispensing Systems’ qualitative and quantitative consumer research has proven the importance of the spray. With this Collection, we offer even more options as you tailor the pump and spray experience to the positioning and personality of your fragrance.



  • Low profile luxury pump
  • Discreet aesthetics
  • Dynamic spray
  • Hidden engine
A beautiful blonde girl in a red beret holds a small bottle in her hands spraying perfume on herself enjoys armature. Backlight, soft focus.

XD 11®

  • Soft and harmonious spray
  • Neutral and compatible
  • Compact and discreet

Melodie Forever®

  • Prolonged, fine atomization
  • Controllable actuation
  • Discreet, soft and constant
  • Unique sound
  • Airy, wrapping and voluminous
Melodie Mystery

Melodie Mystery®

  • Long and enveloping spray
  • More refined, elegant and intimate feeling
  • Precision and sensuality
XD 11 Panache

XD 11® Panache®

  • Very long and voluminous spray
  • Sustained spray duration
  • Extremely fine droplets for a dry and airy mist
  • A world of purity, opulence and sensuality

Melodie Pure®

  • Fine atomization
  • Ideal for water-based formulations
  • Small output to avoid excessive wet feeling
  • Prolonged, soft spray
  • Controllable actuation

Melodie Delicate®

  • Ultra-feminine
  • Infinitely discreet and elegant
  • Small and focused spray
  • Soft and quiet

Maestro Extravagant®

  • Exceptionally voluminous spray mist
  • Long and sustained in the air
  • Refreshing and airy
  • Exuberant and indulging

Melodie Agile®

  • Solid and precise actuation
  • Homogenous, focused, efficient
  • Discreet sound
  • FIne, powerful dispersion