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Global beauty rituals are different. So are we.

When it comes to beauty and personal care products, packaging is key to brand perception. We can help your brand deliver the superior performance and sophisticated aesthetics that appeal to beauty consumers worldwide.

Rooted in retail and consumer insights, our solutions are also backed by a global platform that empowers your brand to make stronger connections, faster.

Dispensing Solutions

Beauty is in the details.

While aesthetics are especially important in the beauty and personal care category, functionality and reliability are, too.

So in addition to our customization and decoration capabilities, we offer unmatched expertise in dispensing technology. The pumps we design for beauty and personal care products enhance the user experience with engine-based solutions that are ideal for high-decoration markets.

We understand the emotions of spray.

Fragrance is not only about the scent. Our research shows that consumers notice and appreciate the nuances of the total fragrance experience. There is, after all, a certain romance to fragrance packaging. Everything from the bottle shape and spray pattern to the decorative collar and dip tube style can convey the character and personality of your product.

At Silgan Dispensing Systems, we partner with you to carve out your unique niche in the marketplace, working together to envision and create compelling, customized fragrance packaging that enhances brand identity.

Fragrance Dispensers

For beauty customers, skin care is self-care.

When a customer buys your skin care product, they aren’t just investing in your brand; they are investing in themselves, making this a very personal purchase. And although skin care shoppers often seek a balance of health and luxury, the right packaging can turn this functional link into an emotional one, helping you connect with consumers and deepen brand ties.

From airless dispensing solutions to atmospheric pumps, we create striking packaging that appeals to the discerning shopper. With intuitive, ergonomic features, including smooth actuation for a more luxurious experience and high evacuation rates that increase value perception, our designs deliver for your brand.

Skin Care & Cosmetics Pumps

Today’s consumers are looking for head-to-toe beauty.

As the top manufacturer of bath and body pumps, we are experts at differentiating your body care products from the competition. With outstanding performance and sleek designs, many of our dispensers use Pure Path™ technology to ensure formula purity by preventing the product from coming into contact with any of the pump engine’s metal components. Our powerful engines allow consistent dispensing of a variety of bath and body products.

Bath and Body Dispensers

New hair care rituals mean new opportunities for your brand.

Global hair care rituals are expanding. And with that expansion comes increased expectations from consumers and new opportunities for your brand. Whether you’re expanding your line to include curl creams and straightening serums or hairsprays and sculpting gels, we can work with you to choose the right dispensing solution to fit your needs.

Hair Care Dispensers

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