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Factors to Consider When Selecting a Trigger Sprayer

Man cleaning window with trigger spray bottle

One of the most recognizable dispensing products is the trigger sprayer. Especially among cleaning products, the performance and durability they offer are paramount to consumers, so long as the right trigger sprayer is selected.

When developing a trigger sprayer, our team undergoes a thorough discovery process that involves consumer research, hands-on testing of in-market trigger sprayers, as well as creative insights from the customer concerning its form and function.

To get the best possible result for your specific product and application, here are some factors to consider when choosing your trigger sprayer design:

End Use/Application

Trigger sprayers are used across multiple markets, such as home, garden and pet care. Just as important as the market for which it’s being designed, the formulation a trigger sprayer will be dispensing is imperative to keep in mind. Is it a foam? Does it need to be compatible with certain chemicals? What Is it to be used as a single- or multi-purpose trigger sprayer?

Recently, consumers have opted for formulations with more natural ingredients while retaining their cleaning power without leaving heavy residues. Emphasizing these features has proven to be an effective message to environmentally minded consumers. Similarly, utilizing higher quality components that offer better ease of use and more durability can reinforce brand messaging that the product will be more reliable and last longer.

Feature Flexibility

With how many products use a trigger sprayer, identifying one with features that are both customizable and compatible across multiple products (and segments) can provide immense efficiencies for brands. For certain applications, specialty features such as child-resistant actuation stand out to customers.  Different nozzles and orifice options enable that brand to provide the type of spray and coverage appropriate for the end use.   These features, combined with the right aesthetic, give companies the power to differentiate their product on the shelf – and increasingly, on a screen.

Take our TS800®, for example. It is one of the most ubiquitous trigger sprayers on the market because of how customizable and reliable it is with more than 3,000 stock options and quality components that deliver consistent performance. It also is available in a post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) option, which speaks to the next important consideration.


Sustainability continues to be a pressing issue for so many consumers. They are expecting brands to paint a more holistic picture of their eco credentials. What materials are used to make products and their recyclability is driving purchasing decisions more than ever. Likewise, trigger sprayers that are durable enough to be reused on multiple bottles have become a prominent feature for those individuals and brands focused on refilling.

Incredible advancements have been made to offer more sustainable sprayer options. PCR is available as an option for customers on all major Silgan trigger platforms. In addition, our VersaPlast®R and SP05-R trigger sprayers feature our LifeCycle™ Technology – a revolutionary plastic spring portfolio that enables recyclability. This patented plastic C-Spring removes non-recyclable materials and metal found in more conventional dispensing solutions, making the sprayer compatible with today’s recycling streams without impacting performance.

Customer Service/Supply Chain

The past few years have laid bare how detrimental supply chain disruptions can be to a company’s ability to source materials necessary for its products. More and more companies are assessing both the materials they use for certain products and their partners’ ability to handle disruptions through an expansive manufacturing footprint.

Silgan’s strong global and regional supply network allows for greater flexibility when demand increases, such as during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, more global operations mean greater opportunities to offer local services to different regions of the world. Not only does this often lead to faster shipping times, but it also helps reduce products’ overall carbon footprint.

Trigger sprayers are used countless times each day across so many industries. Identifying the right design for one must account for a variety of factors to ensure it delivers on consumers’ expectations. How it incorporates factors such as sustainability, feature range, and intended use can significantly impact its function, and in turn, a brand’s ability to market the product a trigger sprayer supports to consumers.

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