Great dispensing is in the details


At Silgan Dispensing, our experience has taught us that to elevate the dispensing experience you have to have insight, expertise, ingenuity and agility. Day in, day out, we’re gaining a deeper understanding of consumer behavior through our research. We’re putting our engineering expertise and our curiosity to work to develop innovative and high-performing solutions. And we’re delivering the flexibility our clients need to get their products packaged and to market on time and on budget.

We’re committed to being the partner our clients need to rise to the challenge of a new marketplace and create a better dispensing experience.


How do consumers define a good dispensing experience? Why do they pick one product off the shelf over another? What needs are not being met by current solutions? The answers to these kinds of questions can be critical to brands looking to connect with consumers—and this is precisely the kind of insight that Silgan Dispensing provides. Our in-depth market research is the engine of innovation, resulting in thoughtful solutions that help you create a better experience for your customers.


With a portfolio that includes industry stalwarts and breakthrough products revolutionizing the market, Silgan Dispensing delivers unmatched technical expertise. Our meticulous engineering—from the engine to the nozzle to the trigger—is supported by in-depth consumer insight. That means you not only get products that perform at the highest level; you also get products that meet and exceed consumer expectations.


At Silgan Dispensing, innovation is a force that remains in motion throughout our organization—from materials to design to manufacturing. Our knowledge and expertise work together to foster ingenuity. Whether it’s improving dispensing performance, creating more opportunities for customization or engineering materials to reduce weight, improve sustainability and lower costs, we never stop thinking of ways to create a better experience—at the shelf, in the hand and on the bottom line.


From Kansas to Cannes, Valinhos to Shanghai, our responsive global network provides the agility you need to get your products to market—swiftly, securely and efficiently. Our nimble supply chain options mean you benefit from quick lead times and end-to-end services such as lab testing and design. We pride ourselves on not only being able to create a better experience for your customers, but to deliver our solutions in a way that works seamlessly with your business.