Silgan Dispensing to Debut New Fine Mist and Pump Solutions at Paris Packaging Week

The range of new products offer beauty and personal care brands additional sustainable alternatives without sacrificing performance or prestige.

RICHMOND, Va. – June 27, 2022 – Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the beauty, home and garden markets, will be introducing several new fine mist and pump innovations at Paris Packaging Week, the world’s leading event for packaging innovation in beauty, premium drinks and aerosols, June 29-30.

The new solutions – Mark VII® Max Blossom, Sinfonia® Crème Elegance, SP22 SR and Sinfonia® Elegance SR – all highlight Silgan Dispensing’s expertise at developing spray and lotion pump technologies that are sustainably designed, highly compatible and customizable, affording brand owners a wide range of configurations to meet their needs and sustainability goals.

“Sustainability and customization remain immensely important for beauty and personal care brands,” said Etienne Briere, senior manager, global fine mist marketing at Silgan Dispensing. “The range and depth of products we’re debuting at Paris Packaging Week will afford brands more solutions in these areas, exemplifying Silgan Dispensing’s mission of developing innovative, sustainable solutions for our customers.”

Mark VII® Max Blossom

Mark VII® Max Blossom is a propellant-free, ultra-fine mist sprayer that provides a more delicate and premium impression compared to other spray offerings. Its elongated spray pattern distributes smaller micro droplets, allowing for a dryer skin application. Mark VII® Max Blossom’s propellant-free design offers brands looking for aerosol alternatives a more sustainable spray option. It also is capable of refills, helping reduce product waste. Available in early 2023, Mark VII® Max Blossom will be offered in both stock and customized configurations.


Sinfonia® Crème Elegance

Sinfonia® Crème Elegance is Silgan Dispensing’s newest lotion pump using the Sinfonia® Elegance engine, which launched in 2021. The sustainably designed, POM-free pump offers a reduced force-to-actuation (-40%), which allows for a noise-free and softer actuation option of Silgan Dispensing’s Sinfonia® line. Sinfonia® Crème Elegance is available with five different outputs and multiple closures.

SP22 SR and Sinfonia® Elegance SR – Superior Resistance

Silgan Dispensing also is launching two pump solutions dedicated to aggressive formulas: SP22 SR and Sinfonia® Elegance SR (Superior Resistance). SR pumps integrate reinforced engines to sustain highly aggressive formulations like oils, foundations and bi-phase formulas, which can degrade pump performance over time.

Available directly from Europe, North America and Asia, SP22 SR is available in different outputs, closures and spray patterns, including Panache Pulse. SP22 Panache Pulse utilizes Silgan Dispensing’s unique nebulization technology to apply products such as moisturizers or makeup fixers directly on face by creating a gentle mist of small droplets.

Sinfonia® Elegance SR improves upon Sinfonia® SR by updating certain components with PE (polyethylene) material, enhancing its compatibility with aggressive formulas and ingredients. It also continues the Sinfonia® line’s versatility by leveraging the unique and wide range of closure sizes, finishes, actuators and overcaps available on the Sinfonia® platform.

For more information, visit Silgan Dispensing at booth K14.


About Silgan Dispensing 

Silgan Dispensing is a leading global supplier of highly engineered triggers, pumps, sprayers and dispensing closure solutions to major branded consumer goods product companies in the home, health and beauty markets. With its breadth and depth of technology, consumer insights and manufacturing expertise, Silgan Dispensing provides innovative and customizable solutions that meet Brand owners’ needs. Whether the application calls for a pump, a sprayer or a custom dispensing device, Silgan Dispensing can tailor our wide-ranging and well-known product portfolio for our customers’ needs. As a leader in global dispensing solutions, Silgan Dispensing is committed to improving both customer experience and its partners’ businesses. Visit for more information.


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