Expanding Our Portfolio.

Silgan Dispensing is pleased to offer one of the industry’s broadest portfolios of tube and cosmetic rigid packaging solutions for South America . Click here to read more.

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Silgan Dispensing partners with Bondi Sands.

Our Personal Care team partnered with Bondi Sands on its newly launched self-tanning range, Pure. Bondi Sands’ ‘Pure Self Tan Foaming Water’ utilizes Silgan Dispensing’s EZ’R foamer, which features a first-to-market foam application that is 100% recyclable in polypropylene (PP) streams and made entirely from plastic components. Click here to read the full release.

Bondi Sands PURE with EZ R Foamer

Why Standardization is Key to Driving Sustainability Across the Packaging Industry

In the packaging design industry, differentiation is critical. Businesses need their products to have a distinct look that aligns with their brand, whether that’s to exemplify prestige, simplicity or a host of other attributes important to their core consumer base. Yet, standardization also is equally important – specifically to boost interchangeability and flexibility, reducing time to market and investments required.