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Sonnet® & Sonata®

Pump up performance.

Sonnet and Sonata bring consumers the essentials they’re seeking: outstanding performance and modern design. Ideal for dispensing a variety of skincare and hair styling products, these larger cosmetic pumps are equipped with a standard lock-up actuator for on-the-go convenience.

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Product Description

Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable force-to-actuate offers controlled feel during use
  • Hygienic, wipe-away head design for a cleaner experience
  • Lock-up actuator easily relocks for on-the-go convenience, eliminating need for overcap
  • Large closure sizes and output
  • Able to handle highly vicious formulas
  • Pure Path offers metal-free fluid path for better product protection
  • Head, closure and overcap available for customization
  • Family look available with Aria® and Prelude® for brand consistency



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